We are Justin and Amy in Edmonton, Alberta. Justin L’Heureux is a Canadian entrepreneur. He grew up in the country with two younger brothers. Coming from a blue-collar -farming, trades, forestry background, he was a hands-on type. Justin pursued millwrighting as a trade and acquired his journeyman red seal ticket working for several oil & gas companies in northern Alberta.

Since a young age Justin always had a vision and planned to start a business of his own. Shortly after acquiring his trades ticket he very quickly realised he hit the top pay rate in his trade which would more or less plateau for the next 30 years. Observing his fellow co-workers with decades more experience than he had were found miserable, broke, beat up bodies, always away from family and loved ones missing special events, birthdays, holidays, vacation all to make the exact same income for years. Justin felt trapped & limited to growth and opportunity to make an impact.