My name is Amy. I was originally born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, but decided to make a big change with my sister and move to Edmonton, Alberta.

After 5 months of being in Edmonton, I met my partner Justin. At the time, Justin was working full-time as a Millwright up north and was beginning his career part-time in the financial services industry. I was a recreational therapist but was also intrigued by the new career Justin was perusing. I did not know much about the profession of a Financial Broker, however, loved the services it could provide. Eventually, we both began to love the idea that in time, we could have myself become more involved with the business which would allow us to build a business of our own together.

After several months we decided it would be best to expand our business more into Canada which led to Justin becoming full-time. A year into our expansion we knew having myself become full-time in our business would be very beneficial. So, we decided to do so. We are now able to be our own bosses, control our time while helping many individuals and families become financially stable and gain more financial knowledge. While also, protecting themselves and/or their family to gain more control over all aspects of their lives.

My main goal in this business is to empower and help both women, men, single mothers, and families gain stress-free, independent, and financially peaceful lives. Money is something that controls and puts a lot of stress on ourselves and our loved ones. Both Justin and I hope to relieve this stress immensely in communities across the country while teaching aspects & strategies of the financial industry that some may not know about. This is something we are very passionate about and look forward to doing for years to come.

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