We are Justin and Amy in Edmonton, Alberta. Justin L’Heureux is a Canadian entrepreneur. He grew up in the country with two younger brothers. Coming from a blue-collar farming, trades and forestry background, he is a hands-on type. Justin pursued millwrighting as a trade and acquired his journeyman red seal ticket working for several oil & gas companies in northern Alberta.

Since a young age, Justin always had a vision and planned to start a business of his own. Shortly after acquiring his trades ticket he very quickly realized he hit the top pay rate in his trade which would more or less plateau for the next 30 years. Observing his fellow co-workers with decades more experience than he had were found miserable, broke, beat up bodies, always away from family and loved ones missing special events, birthdays, holidays, vacation all to make the exact same income for years. Justin felt trapped & limited to growth and opportunity to make an impact. He knew this wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted for the rest of his life. Instead of moving up in corporate management he decided it was time… It was time to make a change and made the decision to never work for ‘the man’ again and to climb his very own ladder instead of building someone else’s dreams.

Justin explored many different business ventures. From automotive to construction, retail, online marketing, health/fitness space. Though he sees the value in these models, they simply weren’t his cup of tea. Months later he stumbled upon the financial industry and learned the power of what brokers can do. He learned that partnering with the right brokerage firm would empower him and many others to build a profitable, sustainable business that is scalable across the country. Justin & Amy are very passionate about what they do. Helping families, individuals & business owners become financially sound by implementing concepts and strategies to pay less tax, free up debt and set on track for retirement. Really, who wouldn’t want that! Today Justin and Amy work together & travel as a couple opening offices across the country providing certain individuals the opportunity to also step up, make a change in their lives, assist in training & licensing those who desire a career change and start a business of their own in the financial industry contributing in making a massive positive impact in North America.

“In turn, it’s been an absolute blast! Having full control of your time and income! You decide when you take time off to travel and spend time with family. This time, it’s all on your terms. Of course, nothing comes for free, all good things in life require work. There was some struggle in the very beginning. Yes, we work hard investing time and effort into our business but it’s all worth it! The financial success, fulfilment in life and true happiness 1000 times over!”

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